Over the Hedge Review

Games released in conjunction with a movie are nothing new.  Movies aimed at kids are more likely to have a game released with them on all the major platforms.  At one time these games were little more than an attempt to cash in on a movie

The graphics of the main characters are impressive for a GBA game.  You will mostly play as RJ the raccoon and Verne the turtle.  It feels as if Vicarious Visions has squeezed every frame of animation for the two main characters.  Their movements look incredibly fluid as they walk around.    Seeing them pull on rocks and push logs looks very realistic.  Even the other characters from the forest have their own charm to them, even if they don

The music in Over the Hedge has a nice variety to it.  It is light-hearted and jovial.  Each of the different areas has their own little theme to it.  It also sounds like some of the themes from the movie were used in making the music for the game.

The sound effects are impressive for a GBA game.  You hear cars driving by and honking at you as you try to go across the road.  The logs and rocks scratch against the ground as you move them.  When completing a mission, your character says

The controls are very simple, but they are surprisingly deep.  Movement is done with the D-pad.  Hitting the A button gives your character a little movement boost, and the B button will change depending on the situation.  Sometimes it is used for moving objects and other times it is used to hide from other people.

The biggest problem with the controls is how slow your character moves.  It feels like you are moving through molasses during the entire time.  While RJ is a little faster, he doesn

At first, the game seems to have a nice variety in the gameplay.  You move through the forest at first and then infiltrate the home for candies and other food scattered through out the house.  The next level you need to get through the forest, then through the yard, and then go into the house.  The next level you have to cross the street too.

You do notice a few differences between playing as Verne and RJ.  Verne moves slowly, but he can push and pull objects easily.  RJ has a little more speed, but he takes longer to move objects out of his way.

However, once you play through several levels, you figure out that the gameplay is repetitive.  You continue to go through the levels, avoiding enemies and getting through the levels.  While some of the elements are fun at first, they get repetitive.

This isn

While the game makes you play through the levels multiple times, the game isn

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