Over the Hedge: Hammy Goes Nuts! Review

It seems like many of the computer animated movies that came out this year had some kind of animal in it.  This year produced Flushed Away, The Wild, Happy Feet, as well as Over the Hedge.  Not surprisingly, most of these have a game associated with it, and Over the Hedge was no exception.  While some games are released with the movie, Activision has released a sequel to its original Over the Hedge game with the DVD release.  The new game lets you find out how Hammy Goes Nuts.

In Hammy Goes Nuts (HGN), the cable for the TV has gone out so the critters can

The main characters are all rendered in 3D.  While the characters are blocky, the action is far enough away that they aren

If anyone who saw the movie remembered just one character, it

The controls for HGN are completely driven by the stylus.  You touch the screen to move to an area.  You touch objects like switches and trash bins to interact with them.  If you have an item, you tap on the item to let go of it.

While the controls are simple, sometimes they are frustrating.  It doesn

Every level is based on a specific channel to repair.  Each level has an elaborate plan laid out to fix the satellite that broke.  A plan is laid out and the critters head off to the area to put the plan into motion.

The top screen shows the overall map of the level.  It shows where Hammy and the other critters are on the map, as well as the areas that you need to complete the objectives.  Sometimes you need to grab an item and bring it to another place.  For instance, in one area you need to grab a glue bottle and then use the glue to fix a shovel.  In another instance, you need to gather pieces of a rock star costume and then use that to fool a Rock Star Scanner.

Once you complete the challenges for the level, you exit the level and head back to the forest.  Hammy gets to watch traps set for Dwayne the exterminator.  That is your reward for completing each mission.  You watch Dwayne come onto the screen and move to a certain point.  Once he gets to that point you press a button on the touch screen and POW!

The biggest issue with the game is that it holds your hand the entire way through the game.  The exclamation points on the top-screen mini-map help you know where on the map you need to go.  The items in the objectives list must be completed in order.  There isn HGN is so short that most adults could finish it for a couple of hours.  While it might take longer for kids to play it, it will probably only take them a few sittings to complete it.  It is nice that the game controls so easily so that parents don

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