Over the Hedge: Hammy Goes Nuts! Review

Ever go camping and see those furry creatures running around, scavenging for food?  In the movie Over the Hedge a squirrel, raccoon, turtle, and others find themselves doing the same thing in a different sort of wilderness.  That is the wilderness of the city suburbs.  Apparently the squad of RJ, Hammy, and Verne were successful on the big screen that Activision created a new game for release with the DVD.  This is where we find out how Hammy Goes Nuts.

In Over the Hedge: Hammy Goes Nuts (HGN), you play as Hammy the squirrel, RJ the raccoon, and Verne the turtle.  Hammy is watching TV when it goes completely out.  They discover that the Tool Guy has switched from cable, which Hammy was stealing from, to satellite TV.  This doesn

Looking at HGN, the character models are rather blocky.  The first hedge that you see looks nothing more than a block with a texture painted on it.  The polygon counts of the characters are lower than you expect, showing odd angles when looking at them from certain camera placements.  The animations for each character are different depending on who you are controlling, so it

The music in HGN is lighthearted, as you might expect.  Cheerful and happy, the music is just as the animals that you are with.  However, the sound effects are nothing out of the ordinary.  You won

Movement is handled with the analog nub while pushing down on the D-pad lets you access a first-person camera to give you a better look at your surroundings.  Hitting X lets you jump and double jump.  Circle does regular actions like attacking and hitting switches.  Hitting Circle three times performs a combo attack.  Triangle grabs objects and ledges, and picks up and drops items.  Square performs special attacks, tosses boomerangs, and launches the fishing pole.  The L and R buttons rotate the camera and pressing both centers the camera.

Moving your character isn

In HGN, you are reunited with the characters in Over the Hedge.  You

The game isn

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