NHL Slapshot Review

When it comes to motion controls and the Wii, sometimes less is better. The technology isn

From there you can launch right into a tutorial that explains exactly how to use the controller in game. The stick There are other motion controls that you can perform, like juking, spin moves and passing, some work better than others. But for the most part the shooting and body checking is where the fun really comes in. Even with the motion controls you still have to use the analog stick and various buttons to perform certain actions. This is the game

What About Motion Plus?


The one disappointment I have with Slapshot controller and the game in general is that it does not use the Wii Motion Plus device. It seems like an odd decision to me to go out and design a brand new hockey stick device and make it recreate a true hockey stick as much as possible and then not use the Wii

NHL Slapshot offers a nice range of gameplay modes, but this isn



Graphically the game is pretty strong. The venues are all detailed; the ice and lighting look realistic, and the players themselves look good, but don

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