NHL 2K8 Review

Hockey seems to be the redheaded stepchild of pro sports in America.  While there are certain pockets of the States seem to have hockey fever, hockey is more popular in the frozen neighbor to the north.  Still, it has enough appeal that both Electronic Arts and 2K Sports have hockey games developed.

Kush Games has had high and low points with their NHL games.  For a while EA ruled the roost with the Genesis games.  Graphics and gameplay have come a long way since then, and after EA brought their game last year with the hockey stick controls on the right analog stick.  Can Kush Games bring the heat back to EA?

Graphically sports games get better and better, and NHL 2K8 is no exception.  The skaters glide on the ice, leaving skate trails behind.  Players burst into high speed for a breakaway shot, glide on the ice letting their momentum carry them forward, or turn around to skate backwards on the ice.  The sticks raise and lower depending on the players

Announcing in a hockey game has to be done right.  Since the game is fast-paced, it can be difficult for announcers to keep up.  If you have an announcer that can

The biggest feature of NHL 2K8 is the ProStick control that is mapped to the right analog stick.  Using the ProStick, you can control the direction of your player


Kush has developed NHL 2K8 to have legs long after the hockey season is over.  Other activities are available to give you more options.  You can create a player or even create a team and let them go up against the other teams.  This is helpful for when trades happen throughout the season, although I have a feeling Kush will be providing roster updates every so often during the season.  The Franchise mode includes waivers, two-way contracts, salary caps, and restricted and unrestricted free agents.  If you want to see how successful of a franchise you can make, then you can do it here.

If you have wanted to show others your prowess on the ice, you now have the opportunity to with 2K Reelmaker.  2K Reelmaker is based off of the system in last year

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