NHL 2K7 Review

Last year we had a new console and only one hockey game. No big deal since 2K Sports has been stepping it up over the last five years or so. The lack of EA on the 360 hockey scene could have been considered a blessing. Whether EA was there or not, we all knew what was going to be the game of choice even if we had no choice. NHL 2K6 for 360 was a tightened up version of the regular Xbox version with some defensive help and slightly better graphics. It was more of the same and that was fine with most people. 2K Sports was all alone on the 360 and it was hardly noticed.

Well now EA is back and actually did something with the year off. Why am I mentioning EA and NHL ’07 in this review of 2K Sports

The menus are horrible. Not as bad as last year or as convoluted as EA

I The best part of the 2K series has always been the controls. With the left trigger modifier you can do just about anything from icon and drop passes, to protecting the puck and some dekes. There

When playing NHL 2K7 you might pick up on something that you probably noticed in previous 2K NHL games: It

Everything you want is available to you online including the option for multiple players on the same team and fantasy leagues, all with stat tracking. The online options in NHL 2K7 put those of NHL

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