NHL 11 Review

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Once you get past the tutorial you get into the actual game.  You have the normal season and exhibition game modes.  While you have the option of selecting your favorite NHL team, you can also go with the Canadian Hockey League, American Hockey League, and teams from the European Elite leagues.  Once you have your teams you can select the jersey for both teams and change other options like difficulty, gameplay settings, and commentary volume.


The game of NHL 11 feels more like a television broadcast of an actual hockey game, without the intermission interviews and fan trivia games.  While I don

Once you start playing, you can feel the momentum of every player on the ice.  The game doesn

The games do feel like a broadcast, except for the ice rink being vertical instead of horizontal.  The announcers they have do a good job of mixing up the commentary, but they can

Playing for fun in NHL 11 makes it a great game, but if you are looking for a deeper experience NHL 11 delivers in that area too.  EA has included something new called EA Sports Ultimate Hockey League.  This mode uses a trading card system to represent your team.  You start with a small number of players and then you build them up by using EA Pucks that you either earn by playing the game or by purchasing them using real money.  You place the cards in offensive and defensive lines and your goaltenders.  You

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