NBA 10 The Inside Review

Last year I reviewed NBA 09 The Inside for the PSP and I gave it an 85%. I was impressed with the fact that the game offered something for everyone. There was a strong franchise mode that catered to the basketball simulation fans and there was an abundance of mini games that could be enjoyed by non-sports gamers and sports gamers alike. This year Sony San Diego is back at it on the PSP with NBA 10 The Inside. But this year Sony has more competition on the PSP since 2K sports also released an NBA game for the system. In addition, Sony decided to scrap the PS3 version of the game this year and is only releasing it on PSP. With increased competition and more focus from Sony San Diego, is NBA 10 The Inside worthy of your basketball dollar?


Not Much Has Changed


The first thing returning players will notice is that NBA 10 isn

In NBA 10 Sony removed the licensed music soundtrack and went with what I assume is a custom sound track. Don

As I mentioned earlier, not much has changed with this year

Last year I pointed out that the CPU didn

In what I find to be a very dissapointing move, the developers have removed the online multiplayer portion of the game entirely. Your only option for multiplayer this year is through ad-hoc play. On top of that I can’t find any way to download updated rosters. Gamers are stuck with NBA rosters from August of 2009. I could live without the online multiplayer, since it wasn’t all that great last year. But, having downloadable rosters is an important aspect to any sports game and should have been left in.


Mini Games Galore


NBA 09 featured more than just basketball, with the inclusion of Conqest mode, Elimiquest mode, and a whole host of basketball themed mini games. This year every single one of those modes returns along with a few additions. New for NBA 10 is the expanded Conquest Mode, with three original features where players will take on the entire country and battle in the classic acquisition style of Conquest while playing Dodgeball, Give & Go, or MiniQuest which allows players to choose from 1 of 4 mini-games.

In addition, two new mini-games have been brought into the mix

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