NBA 09 The Inside Review

Well the summer is now officially over. Baseball is deep into the playoffs and NFL quarterbacks are being injured left and right. You know what that means, it

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NBA 09 The Inside does have a music soundtrack. It

Anyone who has played a basketball game going back to the Super NES days should be able to pick up NBA 09 The Inside and be able to play. The player primarily uses the face buttons to pass, shoot, steal and change players. Advanced players can use the directional buttons to call plays and select specific passing targets.

Long time fans of the series will be happy to hear that the shot meter has been replaced this year. In its place, the area around the ball will glow red, and quickly turn green when you are taking a shot. The idea is to release the shot button before the glow turns red again. The closer you are to green, the more likely your shot is to go in. This may sound strange, but I found it to work quite well and look more natural than a regular meter. This new shot meter applies not only to foul shots, but to regular court shots as well.

Also gone this year is the rebound indicator. This means that just like in a real game, players won

The core of any NBA title is the exhibition and season mode. This year NBA 09 offers a full 25 year franchise mode. Players will have the opportunity to take control of their favorite NBA team and make every decision from drafting players, signing free agents, managing player contracts and team budgets. You can also simulate franchise seasons. I did this with the Cavaliers for two years. At the end of each year you get to sign free agents, watch the lottery (I had to do this twice since the Cavs finished so poorly) and then participate in the draft.

Sony has promised improved Artificial Intelligence with this year’s game. I found that on the default difficulty setting of veteran the CPU would keep the game really close. I could usually pull ahead by 6 or 8 points and then the CPU would tighten up their defense and start taking better shots. The biggest disappointment with the Ai is that it doesn The fact that Sony wasn

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