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Not long ago the NFL signed an exclusivity contract so that only Electronic Arts would be able to create football games with the NFL logos and teams.  At one time the NBA was considering signing a similar situation with one of the publishers.  In their great wisdom, competition prevailed and the NBA has agreements with EA, Sega, and Sony to create games with the NBA logo.

With multiple basketball games on the market, each title needs something to differentiate it from the competition.  Last year NBA 06 did that with

While some developers are seemingly able to squeeze more and more from the aging PS2, others haven

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The PS2 handles most of the controls well.  On offense, movement is handled with the left analog stick while special moves are handled with the right analog stick.  Hitting X passes the ball while Triangle performs a no look pass.  Circle shoots or performs a pump fake while Square does a dunk, layup, or jumpstop.  Using the D-pad calls for assistance, whether to send someone to the basket or to call for a pick.  L1 does a Post Up while the R1 gives an extra speed boost for the player.  L2 brings up icon passing for more options for passing, while R2 plus Triangle or X calls up an Alley-Oop.

Defense controls similarly to the offense.  Movement and switching players is handled the same.  The right stick attempts to steal a pass.  Circle takes charge while Square attempts to steal the ball.  Triangle jumps, blocks, or rebounds depending on the situation.  Using the D-pad enables you to call players to double team the ball or call an intentional foul.

Shooting the ball consists of hitting the shot button.  During this time a visual indicator shows up.  When it is green at the top of the shot, you need to release the button.  While the indicator is helpful, it isn’t always accurate.  Sometimes you hit the green and the shot bounces off the rim, while other times the shot hits the red and it swishes through the basket.

The offensive side of the ball plays alright, but it has issues.  Generally it

NBA 07 features the same three modes as NBA 06: NBA, Online, and The Life.  NBA is the meat of the game where you get to play real NBA games.  You can play single player games, go through a season, play mini-games, and practice your skills.  If you are starting out with the NBA series, you can probably skip ahead to the mini-games, but if you need to practice, the drills are a good place to start.

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The online mode allows you to create or enter a game room, view leaderboards, and enter tournaments.  Updated rosters can be downloaded, and you can keep in touch with other people through the online service.  Updated rosters can be used for the single-player game, as well as multiplayer.  Still, the options for the online mode are rather weak compared to other offerings.

The mini-games are alright, but you probably won

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