NBA 07 Review

Temps are dropping, leaves are changing, and basketball is coming inside. The NBA season is about to kick off and, as is customary, here come the games. Sony is bringing Kobe Bryant in all his glory to your PSP this year with NBA 07. Not a straight port of the PS2 version of the game, the PSP is lacking ‘The Life’ portion of it’s console big brother. I’m guessing this means no trips to Colorado for rehab or alercations with with the paying customers, but missing this feature might turn out to be a good thing!

Having never played a Sony NBA game I was looking forward to getting my hands on this one. Sony has done a pretty good job with baseball and soccer on their handheld (I even liked Gretzky Hockey) so I was ready for some hoops for the PSP. It seems that they’ve figured out that, either they can’t compete with the likes of EA when it comes to the PSP or that they shouldn’t. Sony has show a great ability to add twists in the form of new gameplay modes and tons of mini-games to keep things quick and fun on a handheld. Is this another layup or are we going to get Shaq at the line?

Most of the players somewhat resemble their real life counterparts, albeit a little cartoony in detail. The courts are nice enough and what you can see of the buildings are fine. The bulk of you playtime may end up on the streets or other, interesting locations like an arcade or dodgeball court. Everything is done to a certain level of mediocrity.

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Standard controls for what you can do with a PSP. The one thing that may cause problems control wise is that there are so many mini-games and other things to do outside standard basketball, that it might take a game or two to get used to the controls for the specific thing event that you

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How can a game with so many flaws actually draw you back for more? The mini-games. There are tons of other things to do in NBA

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