Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Review

It is a bit disappointing that the intro movie is the same as the intro for the current airings of Naruto.  A montage of the characters in action on the screen performing combo moves would have been a bit more exciting.

In between each match, you can see the characters talk to each other.  These scenes are almost like the old days of RPG games with talking heads on screen with a minimal amount of lip animation.  Occasionally you

The music has a mystic, ancient vibe to it.  A wood flute and stringed instrument play the main melody, while the deep drums keep the beat in the background.  While you might not feel as if that sounds like appropriate music for a fighting game, it actually has a zen-like quality to it, and the flute melody picks up when the fighting starts.  The music doesn

The control scheme is more akin to the Dragon Ball Z Budokai series than Street Fighter, which you

Naruto: Ultimate Ninja contains several modes to play.  Scenario lets you play as a single character and complete a storyline for that character.  Mission mode has several objectives for you to complete.  Practice mode lets you select a character to control and another to spar against.  Free Battle lets you play similar to an arcade game where you can play against the computer or another player.  You gain money while playing, and you can use that money in the Shop to buy items, and you can view those items at Naruto

Naruto only has the Scenario and Mission Modes being the main modes for the game.  However, you can unlock items like video clips and artwork by going to the shop.  The issue with the shop is that you have to put money into a capsule machine.  One capsule machine is available right away while, while two others are available later into the game.  The more money you put into a capsule machine, the better your chance that you will actually win something.  I personally would rather have something where I have a specific price for items.  I ended up winning something about 30% of the time, and it wasn

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