Naruto: Ninja Destiny Review

Naruto has a huge following in Japan, even bigger than DragonBall Z or Yu-Gi-Oh!  The series’ popularity has followed to the States since Naruto

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The menu option music in Ninja Destiny has an oriental flavor but still manages to be upbeat.  Once the matches start however, the music gets faster and louder, mimicking the action on the screen.  It still matches the feel of the series, having both an modern and ancient feel to it.

Ninja Destiny does contain a few voice acting samples, but these are only heard during the fighting matches.  While it

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Ninja Destiny includes three single player modes.  The Story mode lets you live out the battles from certain episodes of the series.  The Player vs. CPU mode lets you choose your character and the character you fight against.  The Single Player mode lets you choose a character and the computer randomly chooses a sequence of battles that gets tougher the further you advance.

The problem with all of these modes is that they are all very short.  During the Story mode you change off which character you play against, but it shortens the story arc of several episodes of the show to something that can last less than a half-hour if you have good fighting skills.  The Player vs. CPU mode lets you practice your skills against another opponent, but once you are done you have to go back and select your opponents again.  It

The three available single-player modes are short.  They story mode can be completed easily in a half-hour.  It would have been more interesting to be able to have multiple storylines for each of the characters.  This would have made the story line worth going through more than once.  This makes Ninja Destiny hard to recommend for the single-player modes alone.

There are seven characters available at the start of the game, but there are a total of sixteen characters available.  The other nine are unlocked as you play through the game.  It’s a nice number to unlock, but the game isn’t clear in how to unlock them.

Ninja Destiny includes a wireless multiplayer option.  While this mode requires each player to have the game, the multiplayer is seamless.  If you and a friend both have a Nintendo DS and are either fighting fans or fans of Naruto, Ninja Destiny will provide several hours of fun.

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