Namco Museum Megamix Review

Poor Pac-Man.  The maze-maneuvering pellet-gobbling ball has been underappreciated for several years.  He really only feels comfortable in a maze.  The Pac-Man Tournament Edition is proof of that.  He was put into a party game with very mixed results.  Now Namco has put their icon into Namco Museum Megamix for the Wii, trying to capitalize on his popularity.


Namco Museum Megamix  has six remixed games with enhanced graphics.  They are :


  • Galaga Remix
  • Gator Panic Remix
  • Grobda Remix
  • Pac Motos
  • Pac
    • Bosconian
    • Cutie Q
    • Dig Dug
    • Dig Dug II
    • Galaga
    • Galaxian
    • Gaplus
    • Grobda
    • King and Balloon
    • Mappy
    • Motos
    • Pac-Man
    • Pac-Mania
    • Pac and Pal
    • Super Pac-Man
    • Rally-X
    • New Rally-X
    • Xevious

    The biggest issue with the game is the first feature you experience.  The games are all in a hub area.  You have to roll Pac-Man around the hub to the correct game area and then roll him up a ramp to start the game.  This wouldn

    All of the

    For the classic arcade games you can use the Wii Remote, Remote with Nunchuk, or the Classic Controller.  Using the Classic Controller is the best way to play most of these games.  Unfortunately, the controls in all of the games seem imprecise.  Several of the games are Pac-Man games, and you need to be able to change direction quickly.  It seems to lag when changing directions.


    The games included are great examples of classic arcade games.  A lot of them you

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