MotorStorm Review

One of the first games shown for the Playstation 3 at E3 was MotorStorm.  It was a pre-rendered video that showed mud-crusted racers tearing through a desert landscape, vehicles ripping into pieces as they collided with each other.  The footage ended with a truck doing and end-over-end flip careening towards a recovering motorcycle driver.  The video was meant to demonstrate what the Playstation 3 was capable of delivering to the freshly-announced system, but the mainstream press instead chose to focus on the fact that it was pre-rendered.

Shortly after the launch of the Playstation 3 a demo for MotorStorm hit the Playstation Network.  People were amazed with the graphics of the game, the real-time deformation of the track, and the fantastic use of the Havok engine to send wreckage everywhere when a racer lost control of their vehicle.  I

Evolution Studios put a great deal of work into the graphic engine for MotorStorm.  Once they got the look they were shooting for, they layered the Havok engine through the entire process until the game turned into the high-speed demolition derby that you

There is a distinct advantage to having the power of Sony in your corner

To talk about the control system for MotorStorm, we


A few folks on our forums jumped out and imported the Japanese version of MotorStorm.  The game suffered a few more framerate hitches and had no online options at all.  Wow did Japan get burned!  The online mode in MotorStorm absolutely rocks.  You can race with up to 11 other racers, which quickly devolves into a demolition derby shoving match.  Falling off a cliff or being forced into a wall has never been so enjoyable.  The same limits that handicap the single player game also handicap the multiplayer game.  You can race against other players in regular races, adjusting the time of day, restricting the vehicles players can chose, and turning off the catch-up logic. (which shouldn

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