MotorStorm: Pacific Rift Review

Bigger, Better, Badder.  That sums up Motorstorm Pacific Rift pretty well. The original Motorstorm was an early release for the PS3 and it showed off the system

As I said earlier the first Motorstorm was a graphical powerhouse and it could be used to show off your shiny new PS3. Pacific Rift continues that trend and even improves on the original game

The sound effects have not changed that much since the first game. The vehicles still make realistic engine noise and crashes are loud and fiery. Perhaps the most impressive aspect of Pacific Rift

Fans of the original game will know what to expect in the control department since not much has changed.  The left analog stick controls steering, while the R buttons move you forward and backwards. The X button is once again used to apply your boost. Overall the steering is tight, but will vary depending on your vehicle type.

The biggest change with Pacific Rift is with the Sixaxis controls. This time the motion controls are used to balance your car if it is about to tip over. If you see that your vehicle is leaning too far to the left and might take a spill, then you will need to lean the controller to the right and try to balance it back. This is a small gameplay mechanic but it is one that works well. Developers are learning not to do too much with the motion controls and when they do that it pays off, as it has here.

Evolution Studios has once again conjured up an imaginary festival where completely insane motorheads gather together in a remote location to race and attempt to utterly destroy each other.  That

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