Motorstorm Arctic Edge Review


Take the visuals in the PS3 versions of Motorstorm and shrink them down a bit, add a little bit less detail and shine and you have Arctic Edge. There

The next area I thought for sure would suffer in this portable version, is the control. Motorstorm is an arcade racer with exaggerated controls, speed boosts, and the ability to tilt your vehicle in the air to try and achieve smooth landings after a jump. I

The Motorstorm festival makes its return in Arctic Edge. Once again there are eight different racing skill levels to progress through, with over 100 racing events to compete in. I found the first two racing levels extremely easy and I was earning gold medals on my first time through each race. But by the time you hit level four, the A.I. competition gets much fiercer and your skills will be put to the test.  Aside from the typical race sections, Arctic Edge offers two other challenge modes as you work your way through the festival.  One mode is a single vehicle event where you must progress through a series of check points, prior to time running out. The goal is to make it to the final check point with at least 15 seconds left on the clock. The second event is a four vehicle event where points are constantly given out based on your current position in the race. The first car to reach 999 points wins. Both events are fun and are a nice change of pace from the standard race event.


Apart from the festival mode, there is also an online multiplayer mode available. As of press time I wasn

Motorstorm has always had an impressive variety of vehicle types that all have different top speeds, acceleration, handling, and durability. Arctic Edge is no exception and in fact adds two new vehicle types for a total of eight different classes. New this time around are the snow mobile and snow plow vehicles. The snow mobile is very small and delicate, but corners extremely well and handles the deep snow better than most vehicles. The snow plow is a large vehicle that will literally destroy or push to the side every other vehicle that gets in its way.


The garage feature makes a return. This time each vehicle is much more customizable. Every vehicle in the game can be customized and saved to your memory stick. You can customize and save paint jobs, sponsorship decals, tires, suspension, exhaust, roll cages, spoilers, head lights, and payload. More and more options are opened up as you play the festival mode, so you can potentially upgrade your vehicles continuously.

The tracks themselves are once again the star of the show. Arctic Edge packs in 12 tracks that all have a wet and snowy Alaskan theme to them. Each track features multiple routes to the finish line. Each route plays to the strengths of different vehicle types, so choosing the right path for your vehicle is a must. Like I mentioned above, the tracks are every bit as fantastic and fun as the tracks in previous Motorstorm games. You can expect ramps for grabbing big air, tight caves, wet canyons, manmade speed ramps, and more. The tracks also vary from about 1 minute lap times, all the way up to around 3 minute lap times.


If you have played a previous Motorstorm game then you know the speed boost power is the key to winning any race. Use it too much and the car will over heat and explode. Don

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