Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe Review



Ah yes, some of the best known lines in the gaming world.  Hearing those words can mean nothing more than yet another version of Mortal Kombat has arrived to challenge your skills and offend your parents.  I

This is the first next-gen entry in the Mortal Kombat series and the graphics truly shine.  Midway has done an excellent job of not only updating their own stable of characters to HD graphics, they

The background music and game sound is solid throughout, but nothing of real note.  The best thing that can be said about the various environment musics are that they are subtle and don’t intrude on the gameplay experience.  The voice acting is definitely the high point of the sound and is for the most part outstanding.  The Mortal Kombat characters still have all their familiar voices, but it’s the casting on the DC side that is surprisingly good.  Lex Luthor sounds sinister, Batman is gruff, and The Joker is suitably insane.  The only jarring note is Superman’s voice.  I’m sure it was a difficult task to have someone who is supposed to be the “Worlds Biggest Boy Scout” sound tough, but he just doesn’t sound quite right.

Midway is a big fan of the

As the latest version of the Mortal Kombat series, this game is solid through and through.  The ultra-sharp graphics and solid control scheme let you dive right into the gameplay, whether it be exploring the story mode or jumping right into arcade mode.


Possibly the biggest surprise in this game is the story mode.  Historically, fighting games have hidden behind extremely thin or clich

Arcade mode adds a ton of replay value to this title, especially with Darkseid and Shao Khan as unlockable characters, but online play is what will keep you coming back to this game over and over.  Online play is done extraordinarily well, keeping everything simple and letting you get to the fights quickly and cleanly.


With options to filter potential opponents, friend lists, and the ability to create your own game channels, MKvDC does a great job of putting everything together in a nice, clean interface that is easy to use.  The presence of User Statistics to track your own fight record and Leaderboards to view worldwide stats rounds out the list of things that players like to see.


While it is unusual for a Mortal Kombat title to have only two unlockable characters, there has been plenty of discussion on Midway

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