Monster Kingdom: Jewel Summoner Review

While the PS2 has been overloaded with RPGs, the PSP has had a slowly growing library of RPGs to call its own.  While some of these titles are rehashes of old titles, a few original RPGs have made their way to Sony

A large portion of the game takes place in dialogue.  During these scenes two characters appear on the screen over the current screen image.  Each of the characters is hand drawn.  While these characters don

The music behind Jewel Summoner is light, with a bit of mysteriousness behind it.  Light percussion adds accents while flutes, trumpets, or a harpsichord play the main theme of the music giving it a baroque feel.  The music changes depending on what location on the map you are located at, but the theme is still similar throughout the entire game.

RPGs like this are often dependent on a lot of text.  The developers have gone ahead and found voice actors to speak a large majority of the lines in the game.  The voice actors match the look of the characters well, and you

Control in an RPG isn

In Monster Kingdom you play as Vice, a Jewel Summoner who is able to summon monsters without training.  He ends up going to Summoning School and meets up with a cast of characters that summons monsters to fight other monsters and the abominations.  The characters include the Native American-looking Lynn who spouts off prophecies at odd times, the na While you aren

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