MLB 10: The Show Review

There is little doubt that Sony delivers an excellent baseball game year-in and year-out with their MLB: The Show franchise.

The only major overhaul to MLB 10

Game Modes


As far as game modes go almost everything is here that we have come to expect. There is a season mode complete with drafts, trades, free agency, spending cap issues, etc. Homerun Derby, Exhibition, Manager Mode, and Local Ad-hoc play are all also present. What is glaringly missing though is the complete lack of any sort of online mode or even online connectivity. This means that there are no live scoring updates, no online multiplayer games, and no online roster updates. This omission seems like an odd decision by Sony especially since MLB has had all of these features since the series first launched on the PSP. Maybe no one played online matches and Sony used that as a justification to take online modes out, but it would still be nice to be able to go online and download updated rosters.

Road to the Show


The Road to the Show mode makes a return this year. This mode allows you to create a custom player from the ground up and then play the game entirely from his batting and fielding perspective. You start out in spring training and then you try to work your way up through the minors and eventually into the Bigs. What

The one complaint I have about the Road to the Show on the PSP is that as a fielder it is sometimes very hard to see the ball coming at you. This mostly has to do with the game being on a small screen. I committed way more errors than I would have liked, simply because I couldn

Audio-wise the game is still pretty strong. The same three man announcer team of Rex Hudler, Matt Vasgersian and Dave Campbell is back this season. The guys do a good job of accurately calling the action on the field and they even have some sound bites that you will only hear once throughout an entire season. For instance, if a player sets a major record or hits a major mile stone then there may be audio in the game to tell you about it. In my play through I was alerted to a pitcher getting his 1000th career strikeout and another player hitting career homerun 300.

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