MLB ’06: The Show Review

Last March the PSPs were in bloom for the first time as MLB camps were winding down in Florida and Arizona. Hopes were high for the new system fans alike. Load times and missing gameplay modes were like the Red Sox bullpen trying to hold a 1 run lead. Everything was in place for success but they

The graphical touches in this game are present long before you hit the batter

Ballpark atmosphere is solid all around with crowd noise and stadium announcers all heard at the right times. The 3 guys in the booth this year are actually pretty informative and give updated info all through the game. Up to date stats , like current game batter history, is usually followed up by some real information on their style or career. They can be a tad bit behind on the play by play, but won

Since EA has changed video game baseball pitching forever, it

The first thing I look at with a baseball game is the fielding. Not that this is the most important part of video game baseball, but it seems like something that isn

MLB 2K6: The Show has no franchise mode. Figured I

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