Mini Ninjas Review

One of the most difficult feats in the entertainment industry is producing something that appeals to younger children as well as adults.  Pixar is the undisputed master of this, with such gems as The Incredibles and Monsters, Inc. to their credit.  Creating humor that can appeal to both age groups is hard to accomplish, but some of the most popular and enduring titles are able to pull this off seamlessly.


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The control scheme for Mini Ninjas is very nicely laid out.  The default button assignments are ones that every player should be used to

The tutorial level for Mini Ninjas takes place on Ninja Mountain, where you have to visit the different masters and perform tasks that introduce you to the combat and general gameplay of the title.  The game does an excellent job of keeping the tutorial moving along, with plenty of variety in your tasks.  Too many games have training levels that move too slowly or last too long, Mini Ninjas does not have that issue at all.  One of your first tasks is to retrieve your friend Futo, who is supposed to be training with you.  Unfortunately, Futo likes to eat more than train, so you just follow the trail of apple cores to find your friend (at least he

The replay value is the one area where Mini Ninjas falls short.  As in,

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