Metal Slug 7 Review

Pure arcade action.  Its a term gets thrown around quite a bit, but has become more of a marketing bullet point than an actual design template.  Most of us can remember plugging quarter after quarter (after quarter, after quarter, repeat ad nauseum

In Metal Slug 7, you take control of a lone hero who is apparently tasked with single-handedly destroying an entire invading army.  No small feat, that.  You

Most of the audio in MS7 is very well done.  Enemies have a wide variety of death screams and rattles, and my guess is that this DS cart holds more explosion sound effects than many of the sound effects libraries in Hollywood.  This is a good thing since you

Controls for MS7 are about as basic as it gets.  Movement with the D-pad, shoot with Y, jump with B, toss grenades with A.   You pick up different weapons, and switching between them and your standard issue machine gun is done by tapping the right shoulder button.  For the most part, the controls work fine, but the occasional quirk will rear its ugly head.  For example, from a standing position you can shoot up at a 45 degree angle, but there

Anyone who has ever played an arcade shoot-em-up knows exactly what to expect here.   Take Contra, throw in a pinch of Gradius, a dash of Ikari Warriors, add a hefty dose of Rush-N-Attack, and you’re there.   The main gameplay in MS7 can be best summed up by borrowing one of my favorite lines from Zero Punctuation I

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