Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots Review

War. War never changes.

Actually, scratch that. As far as the world of Metal Gear Solid goes, war has drastically changed. From the genetically enhanced soldiers of the original title, to a world that is all connected electronically, and where Private Military Companies fight proxy wars for business purposes. Nanotechnology is now everywhere


There are two things that the MGS4 series is well known for

As to be expected, the series has evolved with the times as far as the controls go. Every button has its use, and most have multiple functions depending on exactly what you

The year is 2014, five years after the events of MGS2. The world has changed drastically as far as the military goes

Your $60 purchase goes a long way here. Not only do you get a roughly 20 to 25 hour game to play through the first time, but you also have one with multiple difficulty levels, each drastically changing how the AI works to blast you to next Tuesday. At the very least, you

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