Mercury Meltdown Review

The original Archer Maclean

Mercury Meltdown has a new look to it.  Instead of a appearing more realistic, the cel-shaded graphics give everything a more cartoonish sheen.  While this might be considered a bad thing, it makes the game appear all the more playful.  The mercury still has the same fluid feel to it, but the characters on the field have a cartoonish look to them and are not anywhere near as menacing as in the first game.

The text, status graphics, and the numbers in the game have the same kind of look to them.  The test tube indicating the amount of mercury still on the field is curved instead of straight.  The clock on the screen has crooked edges.  All of this adds a lot of personality to game.

The backgrounds do have a bit of a laboratory theme to them.  While some are sparse, they are never so busy that they distract from the gameplay.

The upbeat and playful music has a funky beat to it.  It

The controls in Mercury Meltdown are the same as the Archer Maclean

The object of each level in Mercury Meltdown is to get your blob to the finish line with the right color.  Sometimes your mercury is in one blob at the beginning, but other times it will be split up and be made up of different colors.  It sounds simple, but that

There are over 160 new levels within the game.  Some of these will only take a couple of tries to succeed, but others will take a while to complete successfully.  The nice thing is that you can always go to another level if you get stuck on a specific one.  This is particularly helpful in the later stages in a lab.

Mercury Madness includes a multiplayer mode.  This mode only lets you play with people in close proximity with you, unfortunately.  The Battle Mode takes place on the regular levels but have pick-ups that can help you get through the level faster or hinder the progress of your opponent.  The player that completes the level first wins.

The other multiplayer mode includes party games that can be played by yourself or against a friend.  In Rodeo, you try to stay on the platform for as long as you can while a fan switches directions and tries to push you off.  In Paint, your blob leaves a paint trail.  Your goal is to have more of the level painted than your opponent.  Shove is very similar to shuffleboard where you try to push your mercury blob into the center of a target.  Race has you race your mercury blob around a track.  Matrix is a puzzle game where  you drop colored blobs into a level.  Matching three colored blobs in a row causes them to explode.  This fills your mercury gauge and when it fills you go to the next level.  If you run out of time, the game ends.  These provide nice diversions, but it

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