Marvel Vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds Review

You might think that MvC3 would use the Street Fighter IV engine, but it instead uses the MT Framework game engine used in Capcom

The music sounds modern and perfect for the fighting.  Each background and character has their own theme.  The changes between each theme are very subtle though, and you can listen to them in the sound option menu.  You can also listen to all of the voices for all of the characters.  Not only can you listen to them in English but you can hear the Japanese version of all of the characters.  You can even set up the game so that certain characters speak in English and others in Japanese.  This should make purists very happy.


While fighting there is a commentator that can be turned on.  However, the commentator is turned off when you first turn on the game.  The commentator isn

MvC3 is a three-on-three affair, just like MvC2.  You select three characters from the character select screen, and then you select the move that they will perform when you summon them for an assist.  When you select a character, the button you use to select them changes their costume color scheme.  Each character has four that you can use, and it

The characters within MvC3 seem to be balanced.  The bigger characters are strong and do a lot of damage, but they are slow.  The faster characters can get around quicker, but their attacks aren

If you have Xbox Live, you can play online as well.  You can set up lobbies, private slots within the lobby, the region for the lobby, the language for the lobby, and the rank of the players allowed in the lobby so that similar strength players can play against each other.  The play is smooth most of the time, but you will get the occasional hiccup.


As you beat the game, you can unlock 3D models of the characters you finish the game with and view them in the model viewer.  Each of the players

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