Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 Review


Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 (previously known as Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2: Fusion) takes its first steps in pulling back fans of the first game, as well as making new ones, with its story setting.  The game takes place during the Civil War series

Vicarious Visions did not sit on their hands between October of 2006 until September of 2009

The art department at Vicarious Visions had big shoes to fill in the gameplay graphics department

Wade Wilson

Each character in the Marvel universe has incredible powers, but none are powerful enough to withstand their combined might.  This simple concept is the very basis for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, and the reason it was called Fusion at one point.  You have three types of Fusion attacks, Clearing, Guided, and Targeted.  The Clearing Fusions are usually a wide area of effect spell that encircles and consumes your enemies, usually in a circular pattern.  Targeted Fusions are what you

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