Manhunt 2 Review

Manhunt 2 arrives after quite possibly the most insulting PR campaign in years. Are we really to believe that a game

The Grand Theft Auto engine is seriously long in the tooth by now and it shows. What looked good six years ago looks terrible now. Granted, Manhunt 2 fails so completely on its own merits that it is undeserving of a new engine but that may just be my own bitterness coming to the surface. Speaking of surfaces, it would be nice if a lot of the ones in this game didn

As with all Rockstar games, Manhunt 2 has world class voice acting and sound effects even if the script

The majority of the buttons have multiple functions and you

Imagine a stealth game like the Splinter Cell series, then ramp up the gore to an 11, cut the levels in half, then throw out the fun for good measure. Playing Manhunt 2 winds up being exactly what the game puts its protagonist through

Apart from shock value, which wears off quicker than you might expect, there is no reason in the world to play Manhunt 2. Ignoring the gore factor and the expected media hysteria whipped up by Rockstar

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