Madden NFL 07 Review

What can you say about the NFL? Nothing is more popular on the landscape of American sports. This translates to the world of video games very nicely, as Madden football is the biggest selling game most every year. Things were moving along well for both the league and the game. Sure, there was competition from other sports and other games but the NFL and Madden just kept sailing along until 2 years ago. That was about the time when the NFL made the decision to go with exclusive licensing for their product in the world of gaming. That was the time that the gaming community turned a cautious eye towards the league and EA. What was going on? No other NFL games!?!? No competition to push Madden next year? Sports gamers around the world were both shocked and angered at this turn of events. Even the most hardened Madden fan would at least like to see their game being pushed by another company. The NFL sold its video game soul to EA a few years ago and now, the second helping of the only NFL show in town is available for every console known to man. We can all assume that the league and EA have gotten their money

It seems like we


The biggest news is a bit less of a surprise since we saw the new kicking meter in NCAA

Ray Lewis was on the cover a few years ago and we got the Hit Stick. I think this was kind of gimmicky and still wish they


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