Madden NFL 07 Review

There was a new console released recently and, to no one

The look of Madden is essentially the same as the Gamecube version. The visuals are far from clean and lack punch in their appearence. It’s a bit fuzzy and somewhat dull in appearence, almost as if the franchise took a step backwards from what we are used to seeing. This doesn’t affect any of the gamplay, but it does give you the feeling that you’re looking at a game that’s years older than it actually is.

While its looks leave a lot to be desired, when you hit the field things move quickly without a hitch. I didn’t notice any slowdown or other stuttering issues that could cause problems. We are dealing with a game that plays a bit faster and needs to be a lot more precise in order to make fluid translations of your body movements, and the lack of graphical panache does not have any ill affect.

The weak graphics do put a slight damper on the way that the game performs from an eye candy perspective, but I would prefer both good looks and solid performance when it comes to my football. We’re at least halfway there this season.

As I noted in my very own reviews of the Xbox and 360 versions the EA trax are killing me. There are some NFL Films songs in here but I

Here it is, what the game is all about for the Wii. Nintendo has given us an entirely new control scheme to go along with their new system. We all assumed that there would be new and innovative games that were going to come out and take advantage of what the Wii has to offer. What was less apparent was the fact that there would be OLD and innovative games that would make it to the system too, and Madden on the Wii is a prime example of this. The controls take the game you

In what I hope was a conscious decision by EA, Madden feels a bit ‘looser’ on the Wii than in any other version of the game this year. It seems like the game is playing on a bigger-than-standard field, allowing what seems like more time to get things done. Along with the looser play, the game seems a bit faster as well, only adding to the fun of the control and the gameplay. It

All the Madden modes are present and accounted for in this version as well. You

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