LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy Review

My Fair Lady recently threw a surprise 30th birthday party for Yours Truly and at said party was a former co-worker of hers who has a three-year-old at home that recently discovered Star Wars. When asked how this happened, her husband piped up saying they just couldn

At the end of the day, LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy is a game featuring anything and everything revolving around LEGOs. The result is, naturally, that everything looks blocky which is entirely the point. What makes this so much fun to look at is how much passion and attention to detail have been lavished upon the Star Wars universe. Running through Mos Eisley and shooting it out with storm troopers while in the cantina feel as close to being in the movies as is possible because the game gives you the desire to believe in what you

As with all things Star Wars, John Williams’ legendary score is as much a character as Luke, Vader, and Han are. The symphony soars on the soundtrack as players run from one famous location to the next and grows softer as players face down the game

The controls are pretty basic and quick to pick up so blowing up Lego structures is about as easy as pie. The A button jumps and double-jumps when hit twice. The X button fires your gun or swings your lightsaber, Y jumps on or off an animal or vehicle, the B button holsters your firearm and acts as your special ability should you have one. The triggers come into play during Free Play mode and let you cycle between the various characters in your party.

For the most part, it

The comparison between the first LEGO Star Wars and this one is akin to comparing night and day. The sequel is so vastly superior in every way it almost boggles the mind when trying to comprehend how so much fun could be contained on such a small disc. Right from the start, players find themselves in the middle of the best time period of the Star Wars universe and running through all the famous locations borders on achieving a religious experience. Yes, everything is made of LEGO

Players have to jump through some major hoops to obtain the elusive 100 percent completion in this game, but it

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