LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures Review

“Indiana Jones. I always knew some day you

“You are in a position unsuitable to give orders!”

As I mentioned earlier, the attention to detail in this game is stunning. Every level in the game is far deeper than you realize on your first play through. For starters, pay attention to the jungle in the first level of “Raiders of the Lost Ark”. There is a huge depth of field which comes off as more than just a backdrop in front of which the action takes place. You

“You want to talk to God? Let

“Germany has declared war on the Jones boys.”

The one genuine misfire in the whole game is the same one that threatened the LEGO Star Wars games: Poor controls. Vehicular controls are outright awful with luck playing more of a role than skill in achieving your goals. You know things are wonky when an attempt to drive a car in either Egypt or Shanghai in a straight line is an exercise in futility.

The basics of character control are just fine up to the point where you want to target one particular item. If it happens to be surrounded by other items (looking at you, “Holy Grail”) then it

“Hang on lady, we going for a ride!”

The gameplay is simplicity itself, which is great for children learning to game and equally great for veterans who don

“Dr. Jones. Again we see there is nothing you can possess which I cannot take away.”

LEGO Indiana Jones is absolutely worth playing, especially if you want to introduce young children to the series without scaring the hell out of them with the ending to “Raiders.” It is easy to pick up and play, and most importantly the game is fun in a big way. It is an absolute blast fighting off Hovitos as Indy and Jock while trying to get to Jock

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