Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Review

The Zelda series has been Nintendo I realize many people have skepticisms about the graphics of this title considering it is some sort of a port from the Gamecube version (which was ironically released after the Wii version) but you should have nothing to fear for this game is beautiful. I This would have to be the one area I can crack down on for this game. It bugs me that Nintendo still does not feel the need to include voice work in this game. I do understand that our hero does not speak and as a character choice it lets people be more engaged and imaginative with their character to an extent. Other townspeople, on the other hand, are characters that I did not find had much depth. The reason I didn This has to be the most important category in any Wii review, and I

This is the part when I tell you just how great this game is. This is the best Zelda game to date; everything in this game just makes the gamer feel joy to own this title. In a sense, this game is the spiritual successor to Ocarina of Time; it is somewhat of a sequel. Anyone who plays this game will notice many things seem very similar to the game. That feeling of d Nintendo and many reviewers estimate the game time around 50 or so hours making it the longest Zelda yet, but realistically the game should take you longer than that. Be honest, did the Wind Waker really take you as long as they said or did you spend a lot more time with it? The game is huge and you may not even get to the first dungeon for hours. Your money is well spent with this game and although it does not have immediate replay value such as multiplayer, you will want to play it again.

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