Left 4 Dead 2 Review

In a World….

Exactly one year after Left 4 Dead was released, Valve has come out with Left 4 Dead 2, the sequel to 2008

And…. Action!

Sitting underneath the core game is The Director. Improvements have been made all-around with the background AI controlling the action. I feel like the difficulty has been ramped up significantly, with The Director throwing more waves of Infected and special Infected than before. I haven

Those Costumes Look So Real!

Adding to the menagerie of Infected, three new Special and a couple of uncommon Infected are introduced. The new special Infected are the Charger, Jockey, and Spitter.

The Charger resembles the Tank, with one very tiny arm. He

Completely new are the melee weapons. These take the place of your sidearm, and are used in close-up hand-to-hand combat situations. Some examples are a bat, machete, frying pan, and electric guitar. While all melee weapons do the same damage, different ones allow different reach and the katana or axe are useful for chopping off the head of a Witch if used in the correct manner. I absolutely love the melee weapons and do not use a pistol at all anymore. If I get hit by a Boomer, or an event starts with all of the Infected running at me, I switch from a gun to a baseball bat and swing for the fences! They are very effective and the sound each one makes when it connects with a target always makes me smile.

Also new to the sequel are weapon accessories. The two types are laser sights and modified ammo. Laser sights attach to any non-pistol weapon you have equipped. You can see the laser sight emanating from the gun and it increases the weapon

More Thrills! More Excitement!

Along with the new campaigns, Infected, weapons, and items, there are two new game modes. In Scavenge mode, the Survivors need to fill up a generator by collecting sixteen gas cans strewn about the map. The Infected are trying to stop the Survivors from doing so. There is a time limit to the level and every time a Survivor successfully empties a gas can into the generator, the time is extended by twenty seconds. There are six maps to play and once a round gets going, the action is non-stop right up until the timer counts down to zero. Lobby creators can pick one round, best of three, or best of five, with teams switching sides after each round. I enjoyed the jump-in and play aspect of this mode and it offers another way to enjoy the Survivor vs. Infected game play.

For the other new mode Realism, I wanted to wait until I could play with several people who also had mics. This mode does as its name implies. The game removes the glowing outline your teammates have when they go around a corner, requiring everyone to stick together and communicate in order to make it through the levels. Also removed are the pointers leading you to items and weapons. You need to find them in the level as you

Not only are Survivor and item location removed, the Infected are more realistic in a zombie movie-sense. They will take less damage shot in the torso and more damage shot in the head, making

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