League of Legends Review

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Champion Variety


The key to individual success is picking the right champion for you. Out of the box there are over 40 champions to choose from. Many of the champions fit into a standard character class of ranged fighter, tank, mage, healer, damage dealer, etc.  You should choose your champion wisely depending on your style of play. I found that I like to play the game by charging into enemy troops and wailing on them. If you do this with the wrong character you will die rather quickly. The developers are constantly adding new champions to unlock, so the sheer variety of different character types should provide something for every different play style.


Adding to the strategic element of the game is the ability to assign runes to your character prior to the match beginning. There are several different runes available and all of them provide different status buffs to your character. Since I primarily play as a tank class character I usually slot runes that bump my defense even more and up my damage output. The addition of new more powerful runes is another aspect of the game that the developers are working on adding into the game.

RPG Aspect


Another key feature of League of Legends is the leveling system. When you first install the game you will be asked to create a user account. This works in much the same way that any MMO works. Every time you play a game your account will gain experience and Riot Points. Gaining more experience will enable you to slot more runes at one time and it will also allow you to slot stronger runes. The Riot Points gained in battle can be used to buy new runes, champions, skins, and items in the game

Graphically, League of Legends looks like an enhanced version of Warcraft III. The environments are all colorful and have the little animated details that help bring the game to life. The Champions themselves are all unique looking and fairly detailed. The characters range in appearance so much that there are sure to be fan favorites. Champion graphics range from cute and cuddly looking bear things, to grim looking wizards, and even zeppelin flying gnomes. Suffice it to say, League of Legends won

Another big problem with the boxed version of the game is that it costs $29.99. This might not seem so bad, considering that you get a $10 Riot Point card, 20 extra Champions, and 4 Runes for your purchase. But, here

Bottom Line


In the end I have to give League of Legends a mixed review. I definitely don

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