Lair Review

One of the first titles that were shown at the Playstation 3 unveiling press conference was Lair.  We got a look at a cutscene of some dragons engaging in aerial combat that looked simply beyond belief.  Two years have passed and we

Drawing on the allure of dragons, the beauty of early Arabic architecture and the latest incredible advancements in rendering technologies and resolutions, Lair is absolutely beautiful to behold.  The sense of scale is fantastic, giving players incredibly large play area populated by massive beasts.  With the game running at 30 frames a second at 1080p, the results should be absolutely mind blowing

One of the bullet points that Ken Kutaragi was trying to make when the PlayStation 3 was unveiled is that the system would be a console for the future.  To that end, Lair is one of the first titles to support DTS-HD 7.1 Surround Sound.  The results are pretty fantastic if you

At some level within Sony or Level 5, or some collaboration of both, it was decided that Lair would be driven entirely with the SIXAXIS motion controls.  While it makes sense to allow players to use the motion controls, it doesn


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