L.A. Noire Review

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Since it is inevitably the first major thing you There are times in your investigations where you

Digging through the muck
As L.A. Noire is so heavily focused on investigation, there is a great deal of time spent scouring crime scenes.  As you are presented with a crime scene you are free to search it as you see fit.  The game doesn

In another demonstration of how very different L.A. Noire is, this game cannot be played in a run-and-gun fashion.   In fact, you cannot kill civilians by running them over (they dive out of the way at the last moment), you can only pull your weapon at specified times, and ripping up the environment will negatively impact your rating as well as drawing the ire of your partner.  A good cop does his best work with his gun holstered, and L.A. Noire is determined to make you a good cop.   There are times where pulling your weapon to halt a fleeing suspect would do the trick, but it
The dirty bits of L.A. Noire
There are a few little oddities going on in L.A. Noire that can detract a bit from the otherwise cohesive storyline. Botching a mission will have the captain screaming at you about your incompetence, but on the start of the next

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