Kung Fu Panda Review


I sincerely doubt that Jack Black has anything to do with his time after a movie wraps beyond counting the fat stacks of cashey-cashey money, but apparently he is just way too busy to voice his own character in Kung Fu Panda.  Well, guess what

Obviously, given that this is a kid-friendly game that is rated E-10, you can expect that this Luxoflux-developed title will be heavy on the attitude and comedy, but light on actual violence.  The controls for combat are very simple

Legend tells of a Legendary Warrior whose Kung Fu skills were the stuff of Legend.  Unfortunately for Po, while the legend is real, his skills are not.  Oh sure, he has a few moves such as his five Panda Techniques, but he is simply not ready to make the Furious Five into the Furious Six.  When you begin the game you

Kung Fu Panda is 13 levels in length, with three difficulty levels to choose from.  This ensures that you kid will be able to handle this title, regardless of their age.  In addition, there are 12 basic stats, each with 4 levels of power, in addition to the five Panda techniques.  Still not enough collectables for you?  You can also purchase three costumes for Po to help him look the part of the Dragon Warrior.  With the average count of coins coming your way hitting at around 150 per level, you

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