Kung Fu Panda: Legendary Warriors Review


Kung Fu Panda is a side scrolling game that uses 3d graphics to animated the characters and the backgrounds. The game pushes the DS hardware pretty hard, as the characters are all fairly well detailed  and move naturally. Players won

Sound is one area in many kids games that can absolutely drive gamers insane. This is because a lot developers have decided that it is cute and funny to add one liners from the characters into the game. These lines inevitably repeat ad nauseum throughout the game, giving any sane person a headache. I am VERY happy to report that Kung Fu Panda Legendary Warriors has absolutely no voiceover work or one liners. Instead the story is advanced through text, which works wonderfully in this case.

There is an oriental sound track that plays in the background and is appropriate. Overall you won

The controls here are pretty straight forward. You use the face buttons to perform a strong attack, weak attack and jump. The characters can perform different attack combos by using specific button combinations and you can even hit enemies up into the air and try to juggle them in the air to inflict more damage.

Kung Fu Panda does use the touch screen in a limited sense. The characters have a special attack gauge, once it is filled up you have to tap the special attack icon and then draw the resulting symbol to activate the attack. There are also ropes in the game and conveyors that require the touch screen to activate and move.  The biggest problem with all of the touch screen aspects in this game is that you have to take your right hand off of the action buttons to use the touch screen and it is incredibly clunky. Not to mention that removing your hand from the attack buttons during a fight will usually result in damage that you otherwise wouldn

I have never seen Kung Fu Panda the movie, but allegedly Kung Fu Panda Legendary Warriors takes place just after the events of the movie. There is a loose plot that involves rescuing the other Legendary Kung Fu warriors who have been captured by a mysterious enemy. Frankly, the story is not important. Kids will just like the fact that they get to play as Po and Tigress.

I If I was told that I had to buy a game based off of an animated movie, I would think to myself that I will no doubt be wasting my money on a bad game. But Kung Fu Panda Legendary Warriors isn

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