Konami Classic Series: Arcade Hits Review

Certain gaming companies have been around for so long, they started out developing for the arcades before developing for the home consoles.  Companies like Sega, Nintendo, Capcom, and Midway have been around for so long that they have dipped into their libraries of classic games and re-released them for new consoles.  Now Konami is getting into that game with the Konami Classics Series Arcade Hits (KCSAH).

KCSAH features fifteen arcade games made by Konami and released between 1981 and 1987.  The games provide range from Scramble, Time Pilot, Roc

Grading the graphics in any compilation is difficult because the graphics of these games are naturally old, so they aren

The original bleeps and bloops are recreated just as you The games back then usually didn

With a compilation, if you jump into it expecting to get games that are repetitive, designed to have a few minutes of play before having to pop another quarter into the machine, then you probably won

You do get fifteen different games with KCSAH, which usually is a good value, but because the games are so bad, you don

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