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First off, you’ve probably seen screenshots, but they really don’t do this game justice. You have to see it in motion to get a feel for what it’s really like. Everything is yarn, string and cloth, and it all looks very tactile. It’s not just a quirky graphic style, like cel-shading. The yarn idea permeates every part of gameplay, from “quicksand” that’s just an unraveling cloth, to the rolling snowballs made of cotton balls.


If all that Epic Yarn had going for it was a unique graphical style, it wouldn

Fortunately, the developers of Kirby

Next up, Kirby

Imagine There’s A Pun Here About Unraveling


Is Kirby’s Epic Yarn perfect? Well, no. For instance, it can be a little too easy. For instance, you can’t die. Ever. If you fall in a pit, you’ll just end up standing on the last area of solid ground. If you get hit, you’ll just end up losing some of the gems which you’ve collected. Would this game be improved if it was a little more difficult? It’s debatable. My sister-in-law who never plays games had a lot of fun precisely because she didn’t die all the time. Also, a ramped-up difficulty really doesn’t sit well with Kirby games in general, so the lowered bar for entry works.


Plus, Kirby

Also, some people might not like how “cute” everything is. Between the lowered difficulty and rampant adorability, some might mistake this for a children’s game. I don’t think it is. I’m a 29-year-old man who has enjoyed running around Liberty City armed with nothing but a baseball bat and a penchant for beating down old women, and I and had a smile permanently locked on my face during Kirby’s Epic Yarn.


Hey, What About A Pun About Tying Up This Review

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