Killzone 2 Review

At E3 2005 we were introduced to Killzone 2.  Sony showed pre-rendered footage but offered no explanation beyond the promise that it would look as good as the CGI being thrown on the screen.  The press ripped Sony apart for showing pre-rendered footage and the game faded into relative obscurity.  Last year, Sony used Killzone 2 as the anchor for their E3 show, closing their demonstration with a 15 minute live walkthrough of a single level from the game.  Amazingly, what we saw at that E3 demonstration was extremely close to the CGI work we saw in 2005.  I knew that the only way I

From the moment I put the disc into the console I knew that I was in for a treat.  Strapping into the equivalent of a flying brick, your team hot drops towards the battlefield as fire and disintegrating dropships are hurtling past your head.  Smoke and debris engulfs you as you approach the drop zone, but the incredible visual orgy doesn

The Xbox 360 has 5.1 surround sound.  The Playstation 3 has 7.1 surround sound.  If you have the gear to exploit it and the game utilizes it properly, there is simply no beating having those extra two speakers for a full battlefield experience.  When you couple it with a game like Killzone 2 you

If there is one thing that is consistent with this generation of gaming it is the use of oft-half-baked motion sensitive control schemes pried into otherwise great gameplay.  There are even a few first party titles like Lair that came away with less than perfect scores due to a rather forced motion-enabled mechanism.  Thankfully Guerrilla had the foresight to leave well enough alone, giving Killzone 2 a fairly standard control scheme.  That isn

Two years have passed since the Helghast unleashed hell on Vekta, the setting of the first game.  Taking the fight to the enemy doorstep, the game opens with a furious assault on Helghan with the objective of capturing the Helghast leader, Emperor Scolar Visari.  You are a part of a small assault team performing a hot drop to the planet surface in support of the main ISA army.  Your job is to secure the enemy capital of Pyrrhus, and some military genius thought that the best way to do that would be to drop directly into the heart of the city, guns blazing.  In Killzone Liberation, Emperor Visari declared the Helghast would not allow the ISA to take their capital, threatening to use nuclear weapons, even on their own people, to repel them.


In the first game you played Captain Jan Templar (you’ll spot the obviously-promoted Col. Templar early in the game), but in Killzone 2 you

The single player missions in Killzone 2 span 10 missions in total, each one more explosive than the last.  All told you can plow through the single player missions in two weekends, but there are four difficulty levels to keep you busy beyond your initial run.  Thankfully Guerrilla didn

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