Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier Review

The last Jak and Daxter platforming game released was the PSP exclusive Daxter. While the game was good, it was almost entirely missing the series

For instance, Jak and Daxter start the game by helping out a local government that is being attacked by pirates. The government entrusts Jak and Daxter with their only clue to finding the ancient precursor machine, but that is quickly stolen by the pirates. Jak and Daxter quickly take off after the pirates, but within literally five minutes, our heroes ally themselves with the pirates and are now against the government. There really isn

Overall Jak

Aerial battles are introduced in The Lost Frontier. I am happy to report that this new gameplay mode works pretty well and it

Great Looks and Sound


Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier is a graphically impressive game. It was developed for both the PSP and PS2 at the same time and the PSP version compares favorably to previous Jak and Daxter games on the PS2. The game world is very bright and detailed and I think this version actually looks slightly better than the series’ first outing on the PSP. The characters are larger this time around and seem to have more detail. The texture work is pretty smooth and the draw distance during the flight sequences is pretty impressive for a handheld.


The Lost Frontier also features outstanding sound, especially if you play the game using headphones. The series

The gameplay length of The Lost Frontier clocks in at about 6 hours for the main storyline. This may seem short to some gamers. But, people who only play through the main storyline will be doing themselves a disservice, as the game does feature several side missions and objectives. As I mentioned above, all of the flying stages have several side missions that can be completed for extra precursor orbs and for scrap metal to upgrade your ships. The adventure levels feature the series staple of collecting precursor orbs. The orbs can be used to buy unlockable items, like bonus costumes and game effects. On top of that, a bonus hard mode is unlocked after you beat the game. This new mode adds a sixth plane that you can acquire and starts your hunt for precursor orbs all over again. In all, you could easily double your play time by collecting all of the game

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