Ivy the Kiwi? Review

Remember back when the Wii first launched and everyone suddenly got really excited about all the possibilities that the Wiimote brought with it. Everyone started talking about all the new and innovative games that would come out of motion controls and a primary controller that you can point at the screen. We were standing at the threshold of a new era in gaming. But then waggling, flailing about like you were having a seizure, and Red Steal happened. The promise and revolution that we all hoped for was limited to a hand full of first person shooters, Boom Blox and Wii Sports.

A Game-Game


Enter Ivy the Kiwi?, developed by legendary Sonic the Hedgehog creator Yuji Naka. Ivy the Kiwi? (Yes the ? is part of the game

Gameplay in Ivy the Kiwi starts out fairly simple. You have no direct control over Ivy

In its basic form, this handful of moves is all you will need to learn in order to play Ivy the Kiwi. Sounds simple right? Wrong, the game



In all there are over 100 levels to play. Each level can be beaten in less than 2 minutes, but like I said, the difficulty will quickly ramp up and players will find themselves playing levels over and over again in order to collect all of the carrots in any given level. Adding to the game

Unique Look


There is a story in Ivy the Kiwi, but it

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