inFamous Review

How would you handle the burden of ultimate power? Does absolute power corrupt absolutely? Or does it
just rock absolutely? This is the question that inFamous attempts to
answer in its own little way.  You play the game as Cole MacGrath, a street
messenger in Empire City that gets caught in the middle of a twisting, turning
plot that would baffle the writers of Lost

Imagine your confusion

The ability to make a city live, breathe, and react to your character is one of the biggest advantages of the current crop of consoles.  Having the graphical and computing horsepower to handle the various people, buildings and vehicles all at once has done more for the virtual sandbox genre than nearly anything else.  Cole

The voice acting from all the major players is perfectly done.  Cole

The controls for inFamous are extremely easy to pick up and use, but are very limited in how much you can customize them.  You really only have the option to invert the y-axis control and change the speed at which the camera can pan around.  That

As previously stated, you start out inFamous staggering away from the carnage
of a massive explosion that knocks out all power and causes the government to
quarantine the city Unfortunately the replay value is where this title really takes a hit.  Your first time through the game as good will take you about 20 hours to complete, and this includes a fair amount of time exploring, doing side missions, and hunting for blast shards.  Your second time through (as evil) will only take you about 15 hours to complete, owing to your knowledge of the city and being used to how the missions are laid out.  With a little bit of planning this should get you to around 75% of the trophies available in the game.  And that

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