How to Train Your Dragon Review

Death, taxes, and videogame tie-ins are just a few of the certainties in life, so it should come as a surprise to absolutely nobody that we see a game tie-in for the recently released DreamWorks title How to Train Your Dragon.  Activision and

Welcome to The Island of Berk
For those who have seen the DreamWorks film, the first thing that will stick out about How to Train Your Dragon is just how well

In true RPG-lite fashion, you

There are a total of four tournaments in the game, each progressively more difficult than the last.  As you begin the game you have only one dragon to use, but as you move through the game you

The actual fighting portions are straightforward.  You

Have you talked to everyone?
The story portion of the game centers primarily around the villiage and your part in it.  You

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