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The human brain, the central processing unit of human beings, is an amazing organ.  A human brain weighs a little less than a pound at birth and grows to about three pounds as an adult.  The brain controls how we move, stores all of our memories, and processes all the information we gather through our senses.  However, the brain degenerates as we get older.

Hot Brain attempts to raise the temperature of your brain by presenting a series of puzzles.  The reasoning behind this is that the heat in your brain is caused by energy generated by the blood flowing in your brain.  The more blood flowing through your brain, the hotter your brain apparently gets.  The more you use your brain, the more blood flows through your brain, the hotter your brain gets.

A game like Hot Brain really doesn

Dr. Ed Warmer is voiced by Fred Willard.  At first I thought that it was an odd choice, especially after he is well known more for his parts in late-night comedy sketches lately.  His voice doesn The controls in Hot Brain are very simple.  The mini-games only use the face buttons.  The menus use the D-pad and then X to select and Circle to go back.  The only thing that is bad about the controls is how the fact buttons are displayed on the screen.  Because the options are sometimes placed horizontally or vertically, the X and Triangle buttons can be confusing for horizontal puzzles, and the Square and Circle can be confusing for the vertical puzzles.  On a few occasions I hit the wrong button because of this.

Hot Brain is comprised of five different categories: Logic, Memory, Math, Language, and Concentration.  Each of these categories has three tests with three difficulty levels for each test.  You can complete a full test that includes one test from each category.  In each test, if you do better the game increases the difficulty level, but if you start to do poorly it will lower the difficulty level.  Once you complete all five tests you

It will take a while to complete all of the difficulty levels for all of the individual tests in the Practice mode.  It seems like you need to complete each test at least three times to unlock the next difficulty level, but more attempts may be necessary.  There doesn

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