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Basketball is one of the few sports where fantasy can feel real. Football and baseball are too regimented for supermen to really take reign. Soccer has its own arcane rules and not enough scoring for larger-than-life theatrics. However, basketball, with its emphasis on scoring, speed and power can make men seem like superheroes.



HoopWorld promises to be another fun-loving, rip-roaring basketball romp with over-the-top moves and powerups. Think NBA Jam plus 80

The teams and courts are very over the top. You have a team of Amazon warrior girls, a team of bikers, and other crazy, non-typical basketball teams. They all play very similar, but the variety is still pretty cool. Rather than spending time on a typical hardwood basketball court, you’ll be playing in nearby volcanoes and jungles, with additional courts unlocked as you play. Everything looks great, animates well, and doesn’t distract from the overall game.


In a rarity for a Wii game, they also have online leaderboards. Playing through the survival mode will get you ranked on the leaderboard, which adds more fun to the game and gives you a reason to keep playing. The music and sound is solid, if unremarkable. It seems like the developers, Virtual Toys, did a lot of things right. Pardon the pun, but this game should be a slam-dunk, right?

What very nearly derails HoopWorld is the control scheme. For some crazy reason, the developers decided that you could only play with the Wiimote and Nunchuk and grafted some crazy motion controls onto it. For example, to shoot, you swing both controllers up. You

Now, for the life of me, I can


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