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Hollywood Squares has been around since 1966 when Peter Marshall first started hosting duties of the giant-sized tic-tac-toe board.  After this version went off the air, two other versions hosted by John Davidson and Tom Bergeron, unless you count the Match Game Hollywood Squares with the Squares portion hosted by Jon Bauman.  The Bergeron edition went off the air in 2004, but it apparently has enough appeal that Ubisoft decided to publish a new version of the game using the look of the last two seasons of the show.


The rules for Hollywood Squares are easy.  Celebrities are placed in a giant tic-tac-toe board. Two contestants alternate in stating the name of the celebrity in the square they want to claim.  The celebrity is asked a question and gives what they think is the correct answer to the question.  The contestant then agrees or disagrees with the celebrity.  If the contestant is right, then they get the square.  Otherwise, the square goes to the opponent unless it would cause the opponent to win the game.  If neither player can achieve tic-tac-toe, then the player who won five squares wins the game.

The player who wins two games first then goes to the bonus round.  In this round you have 90 seconds to agree or disagree with the answer given to a question by the celebrity.  Once this portion is over a display of nine keys is shown.  For every correct answer an incorrect key is revealed.  You then choose a key and see if it opens a chest.  If the key is correct, you win a bonus prize.


When playing the single player game, you use your Wii Remote to point to the square you want to acquire.  The question is shown and the When you play against the AI, the AI selects a square, but you don

They were able to get permission to use four celebrities for this game: Brad Garrett, Jeffrey Tambor, Martin Mull, and Z-list celebrity Kathy Griffin.  One of these celebrities occupy the center square for each game.  When you select them, a video is played of a question they were asked by Tom Bergeron when they were on the show.  These video segments include the zingers the celebrity offered and are often good for a laugh.


Tom Bergeron does reprise his role as host.  It

The rest of the squares are represented by generic celebrities with a single first name.  While I can

The game boasts over 1500 questions, and I believe it.  I didn

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