Heroes Over Europe Review

There was a time when arcade-style flying games were a relatively rare breed. I remember playing Red Baron on the PC back in the days when you still had to set IRQs on your sound card. It was many years later before I touched another arcade flight sim, the incredible Crimson Skies. These games offered a lot of fun for those of us who wanted to just get up in the air and shoot things, rather than memorize keyboard layouts or worry about those pesky laws of physics.


In recent years the arcade flight sim has started to make a bit of a comeback.  The original Xbox and PS2 had titles such as Secret Weapons Over Normandy and Heroes of the Pacific, while the Xbox 360 and PS3 popularized Blazing Angels and its sequel. All of these titles take place during WWII, which leads to the always interesting dilemma

Heroes Over Europe is a sequel to Heroes of the Pacific, and like its predecessor decides to fly squarely in the arcade camp. You need three controls. A joystick for speed, a joystick for movement, and a trigger button. If you can master those, then you

Throughout the campaign

Another nice feature is the inclusion of a red dot in front of targeted enemies to show you where you should be firing in order to

As, perhaps, an unwelcome cherry on top of the game

Unfortunately the gameplay graphics don

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